coverbar-d597a29d4554acaf5481ed8488fd985db6c803c2819e223d1b2fe8e88e3a87d2.webp Norsk Urskog is a volunteer based project aiming to support and promote young Norwegian underground bands within the metal genre and this is done via its website, the social media and a CD sampler distributed at the Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway - and possibly at other festivals where Inferno is present.

The main goal is to showcase the participating bands to an international audience, giving the less known quality music a chance to be heard by a wide variety of people and allowing them to discover new favorites from all over Norway. We want to offer the hard working bands an opportunity to be heard, judged and, as much as possible, seen - since Norsk Urskog’s collaboration with Inferno Festival also involves an own scene for concerts where selected bands from each release are given an opportunity to perform live.


01 Mar 2019

The master is done!


The master for the Norsk Urskog Underground Metal Sampler 2019 is done, and has been sent to manufacturing!


18 Feb 2019

We're switching labels


We are incredibly happy that Rob Mules Records is helping us with this years release of the Norsk Urskog Underground Metal Sampler! Quite a fresh star on the record label arena - Rob Mules Records turned on their amps in 2017, but have already gathered a nice collection of great and interesting norwegian bands. And with several bands previously on Norsk Urskog among their releases, we’re certain that they will be a great partner for us going forward!


20 Mar 2017

Lineup complete for releaseparty


Finally we can reveal the final band for the release party of Norsk Urskog Metal Sampler 2017: Devar from Bergen is a band that’s not afraid to make it’s own path. Their unique sound inspired by everything from black metal to old prog, should make for an interesting performance we think. This evening they will do their first performance in seven years, and release their first single “House of Bones” from their upcoming release later this year. They have previously toured with the death metal legends Master among others.