09 Mar 2017

Norsk Urskog 2017 master sent to production!


Norsk Urskog Metal Sampler Vol VI, 2017 is finally sent off to the production plant! Above is a screenshot of the loudness graph of the master.

Perhaps that doesn’t tell you much, but I can tell you this: It’s loud! It’s noisy! It’s kicking ass! It’s a bloddy hour and a quarter of the finest that the norwegian metal underground has to offer! We can’t wait to reveal the participants of this years edition, there’s some really great surprises and I’d be extremely surprised if you don’t find anything you like here! Again we have bands spanning the entire kingdom, from the cities as well as the rural countryside, from the coast to the inner parts of the country, and this time also spanning in age from the old familiar farts to the very young and hopeful! I say this every time: This is the best Norsk Urskog release yet! (They all are!)

We can’t wait to reveal this to the metal community!

A huge thanks to the bands, to DS Media for their support and quick response, Trine + Kim for excellent design work, Marta for always surprising when it comes to the front cover photo, and of course to the Inferno Metal Festival and Turbine Agency for supporting us and allowing us to do this! Also a big shoutout to the programmers behind the software we use to make this happen, in particular the Ardour project and DDP Mastering Tools!

Last but not least, a huge thanks to everyone supporting the project in any way they can, and to everyone that supports the bands and keeps the underground alive! You are the true heroes!

Thank you!
The Norsk Urskog Team
Harald, Andrea, Liz