Norsk Urskog Metal Sampler Vol VII, 2019


Track list:

1 - Hellflower - Life and Death
2019/hellflower-logo-1b659699300b3dbe331bbca9421ce0ab452d0f035fd249ffbece98954c0f6d20.jpg Hellflower was founded in late 2014, at Andenes, Vesterålen. Arter being nominated for Årets Fæsteråling 2015, and placing fifth at Rock Mot Rus 2016, Hellflower released their debut EP «Orange» in November 2017. Hellflower are known for their hardhitting riffs and solid vocal performance. The music are heavily influenced by a number of genres, which makes Hellflower a interesting band to the ear. If you like metal, it’s absolutely worth it checking out Hellflower!
3 - I Swear Damnation - Hatets Katedral
2019/isweardamnation-band-318ef8861efe8813b730e30930ce9ee4524f701b5b951f04ecd9337542ed327c.jpg I Swear Damnation was formed in 2015, and hails from Hokksund in Øvre Eiker. I Swear Damnation plays death metal, with elements from thrash and black metal. The band consists of ex-members from Funeral, Mindgrinder and Silent Vanquish. I Swear Damnation released the EP "Doomsday delivery" in 2016, and are currently working on a new release.
5 - Firefight - Crying Wolf
2019/firefight-band-318ef8861efe8813b730e30930ce9ee4524f701b5b951f04ecd9337542ed327c.webp Firefight was officially formed in the 2017 in Bergen. For the past two years we have mostly focused on playing giggs in Norway and getting comfortable on stage. We have had the pleasure to play with many talented bands from Norway and abroad. Our music is delivered Heavy, Industrial, Nu, Groovy and Thrashy! In 2018 we released two demos, two singles and started the work on a new EP that will be released in 2019! So there is a lot coming your way from the seven mountains of Bergen
6 - Blodskutt - Til Kjøttet Slepper Beinet
8 - Profane Burial - The Letters
2019/profaneburial-band-318ef8861efe8813b730e30930ce9ee4524f701b5b951f04ecd9337542ed327c.jpg Founded in 2013 by Kjetil Ytterhus (Omnia Moritur) and André Aaslie (Funeral, Images At Twilight, Abyssic a.o), with the aim to merge cold Black Metal with epic and solemn orchestrations, the duo is later joined by Jostein Thomassen (Fracture), the up and coming drummer Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow (Fight The Fight, Trollfest...) and the very experienced vocalist Ronny Thorsen (known from such acts like Trail Of Tears and Blood Red Throne a.o), to bring this first album to life with talent.
9 - Me And You Va Va Voom - Slopekiller
MAYVVV is a hard rock band from the west coast of Norway, Høyanger. The band started out as a duo early cold winter of 2017 but ended up as a trio when they started the work with the album Perfect Slot in 2018. They often describe the sound as a unique blend of 80’s and 90’s American and Norwegian hardcore, with a good dose of the 90’s alternative rock. me and you va va voom is delicious-load-crashing-energy-music. Every track is built on the same recipe; riffs, lyrics about pros and cons of deep rooted culture and attitude.
10 - Yurei - Slit Sølvtråden
2019/yurei-1b659699300b3dbe331bbca9421ce0ab452d0f035fd249ffbece98954c0f6d20.jpg YUREI is the solo project of Bjeima. With two albums already released, “Working Class Demon” (2010) and “Night Vision” (2012), he is now ready to return with the third album “Ad Aqua”.
11 - Ravn - Finn Ly
2019/ravn-band-318ef8861efe8813b730e30930ce9ee4524f701b5b951f04ecd9337542ed327c.jpg Ravn, based in Trondheim, Norway, plays heavy metal inspired by Norwegian folklore and fairy tales. Ravn combines heavy guitars with a beautiful female voice. All the lyrics are in Norwegian, and each tells their own story. Ravn started in 2012, and released in 2018 the self-financed debut album, I mørke natt. Finn ly is probably the darkest and heaviest on the album, but it also shows the diversity of the album.
12 - Blastered - Odium
Formed by Stian, Christer and Eirik in 2015 to play some faster, angrier, more extreme music after several thrash metal projects calling it quits. Audun and Harald was soon added to the ranks and we started writing material and rehearsing. The band members all have a lot of different influences and backgrounds which makes the song writing more interesting. Also, with a span in age between early 20 to the mid 40's, we do blend a lot of different ideas into the songs. The debut album, Aporia, is already written, recorded in Toproom studios, mixed by Øyvind Lionheart Larsen, and mastered at ThePanicRoom by Thomas "Plec" Johansson. We can promise a brutal and diverse album, packed with metal quality, just the way we like it. We are all determined to really give it a go with Blastered. We feel we have something that will appeal to a lot of different music- and metal lovers. Although several of us have been in the business for many years, with bands falling apart etc., we will never quit or give up!